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World Impact

We try to show care to people in our community and around the world in a number of different ways…

To keep updated with the progress of the Millennium Development goals go to

His Child

is an International service working in Cambodia that KSBC is working with and committed to supporting over the coming years.  We would encourage you to take the time to look at the His Child website to see the work that is being done with the poor and under-privileged in Cambodia.

Bread Run

The church has a team of volunteer helpers who collect and prepare bags of bread and deliver them to needy families in our community. Many of these families do not even attend our church but this is an excellent outreach to share the love of Christ.

Operation Christmas Child

Each year we fill many shoe boxes with a variety of gifts for children in developing countries. These are distributed through Samaritan’s Purse Australia. Our church acts as a collection centre for Churches and other groups where thousands of boxes are packaged ready for freight.

Please contact the church and ask to speak to Sharon Gordon for further details.

Boxes distributed to a remote village of Papua New Guinea

Overseas Aid and Global Mission

Working in partnership with Baptist World Aid Australia, every Christmas Day our offering is dedicated to supporting people in a developing country who are facing a special need. Through our support of Global Interaction and of our missionary families working amoung our indigenous people and overseas, we share in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of other cultures. If you are interested in knowing more about the people who KSBC support locally and globally please click here.

Kids’ Hope and CRE

Each week a number of our people, who have been trained as mentors, spend one hour with a selected student at The Basin Primary School. This hour is spent encouraging the young child with reading and maths exercises prepared by the classroom teacher and doing other activities to build self esteem. Kids’ Hope is a program that has been established by World Vision to assist children with special needs. Please contact the church and ask to speak to Adele Baker for further details.

We are also involved in providing Christian Religious Education (CRE) at The Basin Primary School and Pastor Richard is the chaplin of the school.

The Poor and Underprivileged

At KSBC we have a desire to help the poor and underprivileged not only in our local area but also globally. We do this by supporting organisations such as TEAR, Micah Challenge and World Vision. TEAR is a Christian movement that responds to the needs of poor communities around the world through emergency relief, development projects and advocacy. Their ‘World’s Most Useful Gift Catalogue’ was the first of its kind and continues to be well-used today. Micah Challenge is a global Christian movement which was established to keep governments around the world accountable to promises they made to the poor in 2000, to be achieved by 2015. Their website gives ways for both individuals and organisations to become involved with a range of quick and simple actions or extended projects. They work hand-in-hand with both TEAR and World Vision. World Vision is more than just child sponsorship. They are active in responding to the global food crisis and also involved in anti-slavery and environmental issues and providing emergency relief when crises occur. To keep updated with the progress of the Millennium Development goals go to

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