What to Expect on a Sunday

There are not too many more uncomfortable things to do than walking into a room for the first time. When you do not know a single person it can be downright uncomfortable. What can help is to have a little bit of information on the place and people before you walk in. So before you make your way into Kilsyth South Baptist Church (KSBC) for a service on a Sunday, here are a few helpful things to be aware of so it is not an awkward experience, but rather a positive one.

What won’t happen

You won’t be asked to do anything. We will not ask you to stand up and introduce yourself or commit to anything. We will not make you wear a name badge or do anything else to make you stand out as someone who is visiting. Our aim is that you feel welcomed, not threatened, while at the same time knowing that we are really glad you are with us.

We do not want to get something from you. Those who regularly come to KSBC want to make people feel welcomed and accepted, so if they speak with you they have no hidden agenda or desire to get something from you. It is worth knowing that we take up an offering at our services (an opportunity to thank God for what we believe he has blessed us with while giving back and blessing others in return).You should not feel oblidged to give – this is something that those who come regularly to our church and are Jesus followers will want to participate in.

We are not about judging people. Hopefully you will not feel judged at any time by anyone while you are at KSBC. Jesus was really big on this when he said, “Do not judge, or you to will be judged”. So we are big on following what Jesus said judging others.

What will happen

There will be invitations. We will invite you to join us for a coffee or cup of tea after the service, and if you come to night church there will be supper if that is something your keen stay for. You will be invited to put down any questions you might like us to answer on our ‘green cards’, and if you want to have us contact you then you can do that on the card as well. Finally an invitation is given to check out our ‘Seek and Find’ table that has information of what is going at KSBC and beyond, along with a free bible to take if you want to take one.

You will be welcomed 

We aim to make people of different backgrounds, present situations and skin colour made to feel welcome. People will meet you at the door who will say something like, ‘Thanks for coming to KSBC’, and they will give you a CareLink – our weekly newsletter. You can choose any seat when you come in, we don’t have any reserved seats so the seat you choose is all yours!

Everything is optional. 

If you do not go to church or are not a Jesus follower everything you hear the speaker say is optional, you aren’t required to do it. You can put what is said into practice and it will help your friendships, marriage and how you treat others but you do not have to.

After You Take a Seat

We start at 10am and aim to be finished by 11.30am in the morning and we start at 6pm for night church and finish by 7.15pm. At our services we use a number of different ways to communicate, including media, songs, interviews of people sharing about something going on in their lives, prayer and a talk on a bible passage that relates it to the world in which you and I live in. If you have pre-school, primary, or early high school aged school aged kids there are fun programs that run during the morning service time, just ask someone at the ‘Seek and Find’ table or the person who welcomed you for the details.

After The Service

There is no pressure at all to stay around, but we would love it if you can. There is coffee, tea or a cool drink and something to eat available along with an opportunity to check out the ’Seek and Find’ table. The free information cards explain all that goes on at KSBC, so take as many as you would like. If your preference is to go straight after the service that is absolutely fine – we won’t be standing at the exit door asking for anything from you!
We would love to see you again on a Sunday at KSBC and make your experience not only a positive one but one where you will want to come back.