Kids @ Home

Welcome to our KSBC families online space with the KSBC Kids @ Home material. As a family at home you can enjoy the “Enjoying God My Creator” resource.

A copy of each Terms material is sent to your family by post. It is also available below as a pdf. A range of downloadable hands on activities are available through this page for you each week including memory verses, key phrase visuals, activity pages, games pieces, colouring pages and more.

Scroll down this page to see activity ideas for each week.

If you have any concerns or questions, would like to be connected with others, or have any other needs please be in contact with Lynne through

What’s happening this term?

  • Check out some songs to sing along to at home below 
  • Our themes for Term 4   … God Sustains the World & then all things Christmas. God wants to be in relationship with us and enjoy us! You should have received a copy of this terms material in your letterbox. Let us know if you haven’t received yours yet.
  • download this terms resource here  for you to use at home
  • check out the Memory Verse from Ephesians 2:10a and the Key Phrase that reminds us that ‘God made me to glorify and enjoy Him forever’ . Post these somewhere visible in your home.

Week of 25 October – we are learning all out the fact that ‘I Can Enjoy God’. Check out page 54 of your material to find two games to enjoy together at home:

  • an egg carton game using the  I Enjoy Verse Cards.  The cards have verses on them about enjoying God, ready to cut apart and use as part of the game.
  • another game using the Would You Enjoy cards. Different activities are on the cards for the children to choose between, ready to cut apart and put in a bag.

Week of 1 November – no Connect groups this week due to the Long Weekend!