Thailand – Muana & Villy (Not tax deductible)

Global Interaction

Muana and Villy have been part of the Thailand team since 2001. Their intention is to “help develop a distinctively Thai faith community, drawing on the richness of the Ethnic Thai culture, language and worldview to honour and serve Jesus.”

They do this through:

  • Engagement with the community teaching English teaching in government schools,
  • participating in community events,
  • having an open house,
  • and sharing their lives with the local people. Through these activities, opportunities arise to introduce people to Jesus.

In addition, they conduct two Bible studies, one in the city and the other in a rural area. They visit rural faith communities monthly, preparing teaching resources for seekers, believers and leaders. Villy also provides free-of-charge beauty services. This enables her to bond with Ethnic Thai people in a relaxed way and deepen relationships.