The “S.I.” people of South East Asia – Relationship Building – Ally (Tax Deductible)

Global Interaction (SEAal106)

Of Chinese descent, Ally was born and raised in Malaysia before moving to Australia for education and work. On a trip to South East Asia with Global Interaction in 2014, Ally was able to use her knowledge of some of the local language along with her vocational skills to build the capacity of the local people. Significantly she was also able to build friendships. All of this culminated in a sense of God’s call when she was tapped on the shoulder by the team leader and asked to prayerfully consider joining the team long-term.

After two years of exploring, praying, discerning with her church and the Global Interaction team, Ally is now undertaking studies, training and building a partnership support team so that she can join the team in South East Asia.