Indochina – Relationship Building – Mark & Ngoc (Tax deductible)

Global Interaction

Ngoc and Mark began serving in Indochina in 2020. Although they are native to the country, Ngoc left Indochina as a refugee and grew up in Houston, Texas, while Mark lived in Sydney, Australia. They met on a short-term mission trip to Indochina in 2016. God placed a huge passion in their hearts for the Indochinese people to follow Jesus in their own distinctive ways. They are both very excited to be serving among their own people and pray that the Kingdom of God will break through and take deep root in their mother-land.

Whilst Mark and Ngoc are Indochinese nationals, they come from a different region in Indochina to where they are serving. As there are culture and language differences, Mark and Ngoc need to invest in culture and language lessons with a local language nurturer to enable them to communicate effectively within the community.