Mozambique & Malawi – Relationship Building – Jean-Claude & Joyce (Not tax deductible)

Global Interaction

Jean-Claude, Joyce and their 4 children live and serve among the Yawo of Malawi, arriving in 2018.

Jean-Claude was born in Burundi and grew up amid a war-torn society. Both lived in a refugee camp before arriving in Australia. When he arrived in Australia, Jean-Claude had no desire to return to Africa and looked forward to building a family in his new country. However, God was calling Jean-Claude to train as a missionary and return to Africa. He has a diploma in Multicultural Ministry and an associate degree at Malyon College.

To be effective team members, Jean-Claude and Joyce invest hours understanding the local culture and language learning every week. This enables them to communicate and share in day-to-day life activities as well as on a more personal level by speaking the heart language of the local people.