Welcome to KSBC Kids Church

Our aim is to build meaningful relationships with every child and to nurture and build his or her personal relationship with God. Kids learn best when they are in a safe, trusting and fun environment with caring volunteers. We work with parents and guardians, as well as our pastors and ministry leaders to present Jesus Christ in a meaningful way. Through Bible study, music and fun experiences and the active participation of each child. We seek to create memories that will last a lifetime.

KSBC Kids Church runs every Sunday (except for long weekends) during the school term alongside the main service. Kids Church takes a break during the school holidays. Activity Packs are offered to families during the school holidays.

All Children must be registered prior to attending their first service. Please see registration for below.

Three programs are offered:

CRECHE ( for children up to 3 years)

Creche provides an important ministry to the church. The creche space allows our youngest members to have fun and enjoy their experience of church with age-appropriate songs and activities provided in an engaging way. The creche also allows parents/carers to participate in the worship service with focus. The Creche ministry operates during the school terms. Parents/ carers are most welcome to use the creche space during the school holidays and long weekends.

Adventurers (for children in 3 & 4-year-old Kinder)

Children at this age have wonderful imaginations and can have great adventures through the Bible. We would love all children in The Adventurers group to learn and know 3 Basic Truths:

  • God Made Me
  • God Loves Me
  • Jesus wants to be my Friend Forever

Explorers (for children in Prep to Grade 5)

At this age, the children are discovering a new world around them and how they fit into it. They are also discovering for themselves how much God loves them. As they venture up into the the Explorers group they will discover and learn that:

  • I need to make wise choices
  • I need to trust God no matter what
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated


A parents’ room (adjoining the main Worship Centre) is also available for families with babies.


Young Families are at an exciting and rewarding stage of life, which we recognise also offers challenges at times.

At KSBC we value, care for and support our young families in the area of parenting and we host family events throughout the year that engage both parents and their children. We offer social events, connect groups and parenting courses.

If you would like to connect to the Young Families Community private Facebook group or contact Susan Ambrose – Children’s and Young Families Pastor at families@ksbc.org.au

Extra Resources



Each week a number of our people, who have been trained as mentors, spend one hour with a selected student at The Basin Primary School. This hour is spent encouraging the young child with reading and maths exercises prepared by the classroom teacher and doing other activities to build self esteem. Kids’ Hope is a program that has been established by World Vision to assist children with special needs. Please contact us for further details.